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17 June 2013

Christopher Gillett’s Grimes blog - V

Grimes on the Beach - Performance night

A few years ago I was rehearsing a production of Le nozze di Figaro in Amsterdam and the strapping Texan singing Figaro was not getting on with the diminutive German director, at all. Things came to a head during a stage and piano rehearsal when the the Texan suddenly said: ‘Why don't we go and settle this outside?!’ I'd never actually heard anyone say that before, nor had the German director, who just said with understandable incredulity: ‘You want to fight me?’ Thankfully, they never came to blows but I'm trying to imagine what the same Texan would say here in Aldeburgh, given that trying to settle everything outside is the default position. That could be misinterpreted as implying that tempers have been fraying in the final week as we get Britten's Peter Grimes onto the beach, but that's far from true; everyone has remained remarkably cheerful, despite rehearsals that have taken us well beyond bedtime. Well, my bedtime, that is. It must be a strange experience for the burghers of Aldeburgh, as they stand in their kitchens stirring their cocoa, to hear our director Tim Albery's voice booming all over the town as he delivers production notes over the PA system....>>>

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